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What's Happening ?!

Relocating to lONDON, UK!!!

Excited to see what London has to offer and to meet new people and artists. Currently open and eager to work!


Graduated with a MASTER IN ARTS FROM new York University   

MA in Arts for Social Justice, Human Rights and Education with a focus on theater and documentary filmmaking

Such an honor to graduate from my dream school. A degree that formed me as a filmmaker and supported my research thesis: "Alternative Spaces of Justice: A holistic approach to transitional justice with victims and survivors of human rights violations." Received the Leo Bronstein Award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Achievements in the Arts. 


Un SUeño Eterno NYC pREMIERE

Un Sueño Eterno premiered April 2023 at the Gallatin Arts Festival and Gallatin Film Festival. 

After 5 years in the making, Un Sueño Eterno premiered in NYC and won Best Editing at the Gallatin Film Festival. Stay tuned for other festivals as it is making its round nationally and internationally. 

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